How to Find Good Wedding Venue- Major Points

Are you looking for the perfect wedding? Our wedding venue that was built from the ground up by a bride and her family to give couples an option unlike any other for their wedding. Also an isolated, idyllic wedding venue designed to make your special day perfect.

A Perfect Ceremony

Where did you dream your ceremony would occur? Did you want an outside ceremony, with the birds signing, the breeze gently stirring the leaves in the trees, and a babbling brook whispering softly and sweetly? Or did you want an inside ceremony, surrounded by elegant furnishings? It may be cold outside, but inside the air is kept warm by company and by a roaring fire in a large granite fireplace, and though night may be falling, indoors the chandeliers spread a soft light like your love as you and your beloved come together.

Stonebrook Manor was designed by a bride and her family with the input from numerous wedding professionals to create a unique venue that will amaze and delight you. Everything is beautiful, and designed to be practical for everyone: plenty of parking, easy entrances and exits, elegant and convenient bride’s and groom’s rooms, a good-size bar conveniently placed, and high-capacity seating for both indoor and outdoor seating. Our large gazebo even accommodates large parties so you can have an outdoor wedding without making your guests sit in the sun.

A Perfect Reception

We can also design the reception according to your vision. When it comes to the reception, people expect excellent food, drink, and dancing, as well as all the traditional wedding events. We know how hard it can be to find a good, reliable caterer. We got tired of working with caterers that would ruin receptions, so we hired an in-house chef who makes all the meals using only the finest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. Our chef selects ingredients personally, and he has exacting standards. He never buys anything that won’t give quality cooking that will delight your guests.

When it comes to drink, we offer numerous options so you can provide reasonable potables without breaking your budget. We can set up the dance floor however you want, depending on whether you want dancing to be the centre of the action or a sidelight, and we have worked with numerous DJs and bands, and can steer you to one that will set the perfect mood. We offer large tables so you can bring together both families easily, or small tables to keep the groupings intimate and let people sit with friends only.

Perfectly Easy for a Perfect Price

We also strive to make your wedding day as easy as possible. Our professionals have handled numerous weddings, and we can guide you through all the preparatory work. Our experience with numerous vendors of all types of services means we can give you quality recommendations that will cut spent chasing down services so you can spend more time focusing on the only things that are truly crucial to your perfect wedding day: you and your beloved.