How to Choose Good Baby Stroller-A Guide

The right baby stroller can seem like a gift from the heavens for exhausted new parents. Not only will a baby stroller allow you to get out and about with that darling new addition to the family, but it will also afford you the opportunity to carry on with errands and other day-to-day activities that might have been downright impossible without it. Whether you’re ready to trade in baby slings for a baby stroller or have just discovered that you’re pregnant, it’s important to take the time to research the perfect baby stroller, as they’re not all created equal.

So what should you look for when shopping for baby strollers? Should you consider price over quality? Are designer baby strollers better than no-name ones? Get ready to have all of your baby stroller questions answered by the ultimate experts in childcare – other parents!

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Stroller. This is a hard lesson that many parents have learned with their first child. While baby strollers might seem flexible enough to accommodate children from their first month of life until they’re ready to walk, the truth is that different strollers are meant for various ages. For example, a stroller for a newborn baby is extremely different than one for a toddler, as newborns need critical head support that upright baby strollers just don’t provide.

When selecting a stroller for an infant aged one to six months, find one that will allow you to attach an infant seat, since your baby will need to be lying down. Graduate to an upright stroller once your baby has the appropriate head control to sit up for longer periods of time.

Give It A Test Ride. Sometimes online shopping just doesn’t hold a candle to the real deal – and shopping for baby strollers is a perfect example. New parents should always test out a baby stroller before making the purchase, as it’s absolutely critical to see how easy/difficult it is to push. If you’re an avid walker or run plenty of errands, a stroller needs to work with you, not against you. Look for strollers with larger rubber wheels (this creates an easier and smoother ride) with shock absorbers to ensure that your baby isn’t jostled during your afternoon jog.

If you are buying online, always select a baby stroller from a manufacturer with an iron-clad return policy. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a stroller that’s difficult to manoeuvre simply because you chose to buy it online!

Keep Weight Into Account. Every parent knows that the size of a baby stroller matters – but did you know that weight is equally as important to take into account? Think about all of the activities you’ll be doing with that stroller. From grocery shopping to jogging and everything in between, you’ll be lugging that baby stroller everywhere – not to mention that your growing baby will be inside of it! An ideal stroller weight is around fifteen to eighteen pounds (strollers run the gamut between eight to thirty pounds); any more than this, and you’ll exhaust yourself by the simple act of transferring the stroller from ground to car.

Try to avoid purchasing the lightest stroller available. While a lighter stroller might be easier to handle, they tend to be more uncomfortable rides for your baby. Find a stroller that’s substantial but doesn’t require a weight-lifting regimen in order to operate.

Which Features Matter? These days, baby strollers come with so many features and bonuses that many parents would hardly be surprised if they discovered one that came with a DVD player!

However, choosing the right baby stroller can become an infinitely more difficult process thanks to the feature-laden strollers that are saturating the marketplace. From cup holders to snack trays and everything in between, many of these features can leave parents wondering which ones are essential – and which are just minor luxuries.

The most paramount feature that a baby stroller should have is a sun canopy. Your baby’s delicate skin will need maximum protection against the sun; so the larger the sun canopy, the more protection the stroller will provide your child. Seats that recline as well as strollers with storage space are essential features as well, as these strollers provide you with plenty of space to store baby products as well as allow your child to lie down and nap. Any potential baby stroller should also have an adjustable leg rest, since this will help your stroller to keep up with your growing baby boy or girl.

How to Find Good Wedding Venue- Major Points

Are you looking for the perfect wedding? Our wedding venue that was built from the ground up by a bride and her family to give couples an option unlike any other for their wedding. Also an isolated, idyllic wedding venue designed to make your special day perfect.

A Perfect Ceremony

Where did you dream your ceremony would occur? Did you want an outside ceremony, with the birds signing, the breeze gently stirring the leaves in the trees, and a babbling brook whispering softly and sweetly? Or did you want an inside ceremony, surrounded by elegant furnishings? It may be cold outside, but inside the air is kept warm by company and by a roaring fire in a large granite fireplace, and though night may be falling, indoors the chandeliers spread a soft light like your love as you and your beloved come together.

Stonebrook Manor was designed by a bride and her family with the input from numerous wedding professionals to create a unique venue that will amaze and delight you. Everything is beautiful, and designed to be practical for everyone: plenty of parking, easy entrances and exits, elegant and convenient bride’s and groom’s rooms, a good-size bar conveniently placed, and high-capacity seating for both indoor and outdoor seating. Our large gazebo even accommodates large parties so you can have an outdoor wedding without making your guests sit in the sun.

A Perfect Reception

We can also design the reception according to your vision. When it comes to the reception, people expect excellent food, drink, and dancing, as well as all the traditional wedding events. We know how hard it can be to find a good, reliable caterer. We got tired of working with caterers that would ruin receptions, so we hired an in-house chef who makes all the meals using only the finest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. Our chef selects ingredients personally, and he has exacting standards. He never buys anything that won’t give quality cooking that will delight your guests.

When it comes to drink, we offer numerous options so you can provide reasonable potables without breaking your budget. We can set up the dance floor however you want, depending on whether you want dancing to be the centre of the action or a sidelight, and we have worked with numerous DJs and bands, and can steer you to one that will set the perfect mood. We offer large tables so you can bring together both families easily, or small tables to keep the groupings intimate and let people sit with friends only.

Perfectly Easy for a Perfect Price

We also strive to make your wedding day as easy as possible. Our professionals have handled numerous weddings, and we can guide you through all the preparatory work. Our experience with numerous vendors of all types of services means we can give you quality recommendations that will cut spent chasing down services so you can spend more time focusing on the only things that are truly crucial to your perfect wedding day: you and your beloved.

Stay Fit before Wedding with Pilates- Intro

Pilates is a series of exercises built on the principles of Joseph Pilates to develop a strong “core” or centre of the body. The core consists of deep abdominal muscles and the muscles closest to the spine. Pilates elongates and strengthens, developing muscle elasticity and joint mobility. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured – helping you to enjoy daily activities and sports with ease.

Pilates is a gentle, but deeply effective, safe, low-impact exercise program. Whereas other forms of exercise target the body’s stronger muscles, Pilate’s exercises work to strengthen the weaker ones too. The support muscles deep inside the body are strengthened, supporting the lower back and holding the body upright. The result is a strong balanced body, with better joint mobility and effortless natural posture. Some more aggressive forms of exercise can stress the body causing injuries, Pilates is an excellent tool for rehabilitation as well as prevention due to increased body awareness which enables you to make changes in your postural and movement habits enabling you to avoid the same injuries or problems recurring in the future.

Practiced faithfully, Pilates will produce numerous benefits. Increased lung capacity and circulation through deep, healthy breathing is a primary focus. Strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles, coordination-both muscular and mental, are key components in an effective Pilate’s program. Posture, balance, and core strength are all increased. Bone density and joint health improve, and many experience positive body awareness for the first time. Pilates teaches balance and control of the body that will dramatically improve all other areas of life.

The Eight Principles of Pilates

Pilates is a system of slow continuous movements which strengthen the deep structure of the body improving the way we sit stand and move around. The following principles are always applied:

-CONCENTRATION: The mind body connection helps build body awareness and control over our body.

-BREATHING: Lateral thoracic breathing (wide and full into the sides and back of the ribcage) is necessary to maintain our core connection. Breathing out on the effort helps to prevent injury.

-CENTERING: Building a strong centre or ‘powerhouse’ improves all our actions in a safe and efficient manner.

-CONTROL: The slower the movements the greater the strength we gain developing mastery over our body.

-PRECISION: Exact execution of the exercises is necessary to target specific muscles to gain maximum benefit.

-FLOWING MOVEMENTS: Working in this way targets the muscles eccentrically and concentrically resulting in balanced functional muscle training.

-BALANCE: Is an essential functional requirement. It requires our postural muscles to work effectively without excessive muscular effort.

-ROUTINE: ‘Practice and perseverance’ only with continual regular practice can the truly amazing benefits of the Pilates method be gained.

How to start Pilates- To align the body before the exercise:


Neutral spine is the optimum position for the spine to be in to work most efficiently and safely. By strengthening the body around a neutral position we develop equal muscle strength increasing our power to perform everyday activities and reducing the risk of injury/back pain/posture deterioration. The principle is the same lying down, sitting or standing. Imagine your pelvis as a bowl of water.

Tilt it forwards the water will spill out of the front (the bottom sticks out)

Tilt it backwards the water would spill out the back (flattening the lower back)

The midpoint in between the two is your neutral spine, the water would be level and neither spilling out the front or the back.


For the purposes of this CD we will focus on the Transverses Abdominus. (TA or belt muscle) The core muscles are stabilising muscles they hold your body upright. If the core muscles are weak, your body won’t work effectively, and other muscles have to overwork causing us to slouch and our backs to ache. Research has shown that the core muscles are endurance muscles and therefore the optimum contraction of this muscle is 30%.


In a good posture the shoulder blades remain flat against the ribcage and nestle down in the back into a soft ‘V’ position. These days of increasing stress and pressurised lives we tend to ‘carry’ our shoulders up around our ears. This creates loads of unnecessary tension and pain. Lift the shoulders up to the ears, draw them back slightly keep the shoulder blades flat (without pinching them together) as they slide down the back. (be careful not to force them as this will create more tension) Imagine they are made of ice cream and they are melting down into a soft ‘V’ position.